My RSS Feeds

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the blogs and other websites that I’m a regular reader of. It’s quite surprising really that despite how much time I spend on the Internet, I follow very few blogs (I think) especially in comparison to other people I know.

Web Comics:

I only read two web comics, xkcd and Ctrl+Alt+Del. I’m fairly sure everybody on the Internet reads xkcd (and if you don’t, shame on you), so I won’t talk much about that. Ctrl+Alt+Del is a web comic I started reading back in 2007. I remember being in fits of laughter for about 3 days as I read the backlog. It follows the lives of three gaming-obsessed flatmates, Ethan, Lilah and Lucas. I feel quite a lot of empathy for the half-mad protagonist Ethan, so that may be why I read it. 😀

Personal Development:

There are two main blogs I follow in this area: Zen Habits and The Art of Manliness. Zen Habits is a simplicity-focused blog written by Leo Babauta. It focuses on topics mainly revolving around de-cluttering life, both physically and mentally (or spiritually). Seeing as I get stressed quite easily and have a huge desire for simplicity, this is one of my favourite blogs. My other favourite blog, the Art of Manliness (AoM) is centred around reviving ‘the lost art of manliness’. I’ve started doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things since I started reading this blog, such as shaving with a proper double-edged safety razor, write with a fountain pen, learn to tie some knots, get fitter, and so on. I’ve even started dressing better. The resident style guru is very helpful in balancing my innate laziness with style.

I used to read a lot more blogs in this area, such as Steve Pavlina’s blog and Puredoxyk’s blog, but I found the signal/noise ratio to be too high. I still check in with them every so often, just to see how they’re doing.

Personal Blogs:

The blog roll to the left contains a list of the personal blogs I follow, all of which (currently) are my personal friends. I won’t say much more, except that they’re all absolutely awesome, and much smarter and wittier than I.

And Just One More:

I wasn’t quite sure where to put it, but it just has to be included. PostSecret is a community-driven art blog where people write their deepest darkest secrets on a postcard and send it in to be published anonymously on the website. It’s thrilling stuff, and it serves as a wonderful reminder that absolutely everybody is simply human. Here’s one of my favourite secrets of all time. I can’t work out if it simply means what it says, or whether there is some hidden meaning… but it’s just beautiful.