Hi all, I’m a 28-year old minimalist, tea fanatic, programmer, systems administrator and entrepreneur from Hobart, Australia.

I’m the owner of my own IT consulting company, Loop Foundry. Started in 2012, we help small businesses leverage technology through automation and eCommerce.

I code in C# primarily, but I also work with HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, x86 assembly, and Visual Basic for Applications (*sob*).

I enjoy computer gaming. Two games in heavy rotation at the moment are World of Tanks (my account profile), as well as Sins of a Solar Empire. Other games I’ve enjoyed include Counter-Strike: Source, Age of Empires II, Grand Theft Auto 2, Final Fantasy X and Jak and Daxter.

Playing around with expensive computer gear is a hobby of mine. In the past I’ve dabbled with pro audio equipment, and my current pastime involves Cisco routing equipment. I don’t have any qualifications in the area yet, though getting a CCNA is an eventual goal.

I also have a weird obsession with self improvement. I’ve tried vegetarianism (works great until a family member cooks a steak) and polyphasic sleeping (works great until you get deadly bored at 4am). Note that I’m currently neither of these things, I have a habit of snapping back to my former ways.

I have also been known to present the occasional talk.

Sometimes I read books (most of the time I just pretend to). When I read, I like to read philosophy and things that are known classics. I guess I just don’t like wasting time on things I don’t know are good yet. I tend to treat TV the same way.