This Is How We Work

A few weeks back I posted ‘I’m Jack Scott, IT Consultant, And This Is How I Work‘, pretending I was famous and answering LifeHacker’s standard interview questions for famous tech entrepreneurs. In the post I suggested that I’d like to see Chris answer the same questions.

And so Chris did.

He asked Jethro Carr to answer the questions.

And so Jethro did.

Jethro asked Hamzah Khan to answer them. The peer pressure built.

And so Hamzah did.

Hamzah asked Jamie Bailey. So far Jamie hasn’t blogged, but given personal circumstances at the moment it is quite understandable.

This has been quite an interesting exercise. Mostly about peer pressure – nobody seems to want to break the chain. It is also worth noting that there are a heap of people who should be answering these questions who don’t have blogs (Michael Wheeler, I’m looking at you). I truly believe more people should blog (and that I should blog more often). The act of putting finger to keyboard for more than 140 characters actually makes you start thinking about things a bit more (I only realised my prowess with search engines halfway through writing the blog post).

If anybody else feels like answering the questions, let me know and I’ll update this post with links.

Update: Jamie has now answered and tagged Michael Wheeler.

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