30 Days of Geek #6: Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks)

I’ve decided to partake in Jethro Carr’s 30 Days of Geek challenge, so I’ll be writing a post a day on my geekiness for an entire month! You can find all the posts in one spot here.

My ‘normal’ geek food:

The food and drink I consume in the course of my daily life is much like any normal, healthy adult. I drink tea:

A cup of tea in my NCSS mug!
A cup of tea in my NCSS mug!

The food I eat is whatever happens to be around. I eat quite a few peanut butter and jam (and sometimes brown sugar and sultanas as well) sandwiches. These are good energy food. In another life I probably would have been a pastry chef, so I make quite a lot of these biscuits and other cakes:

Peanut Butter biscuits on a cooling tray.
Peanut Butter & Choc-chip Biscuits

I also eat fruit, but nowhere near as much as I should.

My ‘I need to be awake’ geek food:

When the going gets tough, I get out my twin food addictions: Coca-Cola and chocolate. Specifically, 600mL bottles of Coke and packs of Nestle Crunch that I buy in vending machines at university:

Nestle Crunch (Flickr: wizetux)
Nestle Crunch (Flickr: wizetux)

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a nestle crunch bar, I used to buy those all the time.. for some reason I forgot all about them.

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