Where’s My Server? There it is!

If you enjoyed my review of some of the hosting providers I have used over the past few years, you may be interested in Michael Wheeler’s review of Where’s My Server?, a New Zealand-based VPS provider.

One of the most interesting things about WMS, and certainly the thing that caught my eye, was the on-demand pricing they have available, making it very much like cloud computing (as far as the user is concerned, anyway). It’s an interesting concept, and certainly a move that I support (I hardly ever use 100% of my servers’ resources, let alone 100% all month). The only problem is that it makes comparisons with traditional VPS providers who charge a fixed price per month a bit of a pain, and I haven’t quite figured out how to do it exactly.

The other issue I notice is that bandwidth out of New Zealand is very expensive, but this being a function of New Zealand and not Where’s My Server, I don’t think that’s cause for complaint.

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