30 Days of Geek #1: Why do you consider yourself a geek?

I’ve decided to partake in Jethro Carr’s 30 Days of Geek challenge, so I’ll be writing a post a day on my geekiness for an entire month! You can find all the posts in one spot here.

I consider myself a geek for a few reasons. Firstly, being a geek is how I spend almost all my time. My day job is as a computer technician (more on this later in the month), and most of my spare time is spent staring into a computer screen of some kind. I am trying to decrease the amount of time spent in front of a computer, because it’s starting to become quite detrimental to my health, but at the moment it’s still quite significant.

Secondly is the fact that I adore gadgets. In the past I’ve been doing the tourist thing around a foreign city, only to interrupt it to go into a department store and check for new geek gadgets. Trawling eBay for old computer junk I find fun. I upgrade my computer in some way every 2 or 3 weeks (even when I’m otherwise broke). It’s a horrible addiction, and I love it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I consider myself a geek because it allows me to be friends with a set of wonderful people, some of whom I only know through being a geek. I’ve met several people at a computer camp who are just pure awesome, and I consider it a privilege to know them. The people you meet are always the best part of life, and being a geek is no exception.